Branding, Service Design

The App

In this project, the client asked us to create the branding for MoGo, which is a unique social media application that they are planning to release soon.


The major requirement in the brief was to create a modern and flexible branding that could be used online and offline.

Service Design

The client asked us to come up with different ads that could be used to advertise the application. We also designed the look & feel for the MoGo app.

Here's the


MoGo is a unique social media app that allows users to express their competitive nature with their friends and family in a fun & creative way, through photography and video contests.

That’s why we chose the crown as the main element of the logo.

Making people


The whole idea about these competitions is to bring the photographer and creative side out of people.

While creating the logo and the ads for MoGo we wanted to get people excited about the app and it’s creative game.

Are You Ready

To Mogo?

The final product was a great success and we got great feedback from the client.

We hope to see the application out soon so we can all take part in this creative and unique competition.