Branding, Service Design

Snack Packs

We had the opportunity to re-design the new snack packs for MACE’s own brand range of products. MACE is a well-established convenience store in Ireland.


In this project, we had to come up with a brand new look for MACE's snack packs. One of the client's requirements was to make it look attractive to the loyal MACE customers.


We created six fresh new looks for their range in record time. When designing the snack packs we made sure to choose the colors wisely to make it more appetizing to the customer's eye.

Coming up with the


MACE wanted a complete new design for their range, which meant that we could be as creative as we wanted to make it stand out on the shelves.

When coming up with the new look we wanted to modernize the range and make it more playful.

Making it look


To make it more appealing to the public we chose a specific color palette for each flavor, to help customers imagine how tasty each product is.

To keep the range consistent we chose a playful typography that we think communicates well with the target audience.

Happy Client, Loyal


MACE was delighted with the final product and they got great feedback from their customers, which is always our aim when re-designing products for our clients.

If you are in Ireland go into a MACE store and check it out and don’t forget to tell us what you think.