Devtech Redesign

Branding, Service Design, Web Development

The Redesign

Devtech is a British startup that offers cloud strategy & consulting services to big companies such as Telecom, Dell and Liberty Global. Working with a big client such as Devtech is always a great challenge and very inspiring.


Since the deadline for this project was shorter than the usual, as the client needed the new website to go live before a big event in Germany, we decided to try a different workflow for this project. We designed a couple different concepts for the home page and went live with these pages so the client could have a better idea of how the website would look like.

Web Development

Since the client needed this project to be completed in record time we decided to build the new website on a different platform (WP) from the previous website. To speed up the development stage we wrote the new website based on an existing and general framework.

Getting the website


Devtech’s previous website was a bit outdated, lacked content and needed to be modernized so the company could show their clients that they were trustworthy.

The challenge here was to come up with a modern and clean interface based on their new branding, which was being designed at the same time as the website.

Coming up with the

New Concept

“Making Cloud Work. Together”
The whole process of designing the new interface for the website was based on the tagline above.

Since Devtech’s new branding was being designed along with the website we didn’t have any concept that we could use as a reference for the new site, and that was a great challenge.

Introducing the brand

New Website

This project was definitely one of our biggest UI/UX challenges, not just because we had to work with a really tight deadline, which is always very challenging, but also because the website look & feel was being used as reference for Devtech’s new branding.