Branding, Service Design

Our Challenge

Showcasing the individuals within DevTech’s high-skilled team in a creative way.


We had the opportunity to build the brand around the existing logo and made sure to keep it consistent with what they already had.

Service Design

DevTech trusted us to be their design agency in helping them build a consistent look & feel.

The idea behind


DevTech is a British IT company focused on the Cloud enablement.

They provide cloud enablement solutions to ISVs, Cloud Service Providers, Fortune 500 and some of the world’s largest telecommunication companies.


The Look

DevTech wanted to make their brand appealing for their customers but also their employees.

This meant we had to come up with a dynamic and engaging concept.

The Creative


We had the opportunity to work on various projects such as roll-up banners, presentations, clothing design, stationary and more.

While staying true to their core ideas and branding.