Ask The World

Branding, Service Design

The Project

How can a new Q&A social site like Ask The World  compete with giant brands, such as Quora, Reddit and StackOverflow in a well-established market to attract new users?


Coming up with the look & feel for Ask The World wasn't an easy task and it took our team a lot of time researching for the best way to keep the brand modern and cohesive with the client's needs.

UI Design

When designing the interface for the application we decided to make it playful and keep it consistent with the branding that we had developed with them.

What was the


Ask The World is a new social platform, it is similar in concept to Q&A sites such as Quora and Stack Overflow.

We had to come up with a young looking and fresh brand that attracts users to express their trustworthy opinions.

Coming up with the


“Express your voice and true opinion”
One of the client’s requirements for the branding was to design a logo with a sentimental feeling that reminds people of the “good times”, but at the same time keep it fresh and modern-looking for the younger audience.


The Look

When designing the look & feel for the Interface of the  Web Application, we tried to keep the friendly and familiar feel that was requested by the client.

“Imagine you are in a bar or restaurant with a group of friends, and they bring their friends who you have never met before. You all have a good chat and laugh”