One of a kind

A global digital agency dedicated to delivering creative strategies to modern businesses

Our Story

Our highly-skilled and talented designers, developers, digital strategists and content writers from all over the world are dedicated to bringing your startup to the next level.

Artmakerz  was founded by a group of ambitious entrepreneurs that are passionate about providing high-quality services to global companies.

The concept behind the company is to supply high skilled freelance designers, developers, content writers and digital strategists to modern businesses.

All of our freelancers go through a rigorous selection process so we can guarantee our clients receive excellent service every time.

We have successfully provided top quality services to global companies from Canada to the United Kingdom.

From this, we have been able to meet and work with some of the best professionals in their field.

Our trusted freelancers are from all over the world with a huge range of experience and have been by our side on all of the important projects.

Our aim is to continue to provide top quality services to the biggest companies around the world. We are constantly looking for new ideas on how to serve our clients with the best service.

Artmakerz keeps expanding it’s business and is always looking forward to the next exciting project. Within the next 2 years, we see ourselves among the top global digital agencies.

Digital Strategy

We can overcome the challenge of extending the customer’s experience from real life to the digital world.

Growth Hacking

Our innovative marketing skills and expertise, will benefit your company with outstanding results in record time.

Service Design

We design and build a range of digital platforms, such as websites, mobile and web applications and print design.

Digital Consultancy

With our knowledge, we can advise our clients and train their team through video sessions and one-to-one classes.


Digital Strategy

Content Strategy

We produce creative content customised to engage the desired audience by using various platforms effectively.

Competitor Analysis

We research and evaluate the competition to ensure we establish informed and ingenious strategies every time.

Social Media Strategy

Our Social Strategists create ever-changing content designed to engage your audience and start a conversation.

SEO & SEM Strategy

Our team develop SEO & SEM strategies that complement the other digital strategies to increase ranking and traffic to your site.

achieve rapid and sustainable growth

Growth Hacking

Customer Acquisition

We analyse your customers to ensure we are focusing on the right platforms used to attract the ideal prospective customer.


Our carefully designed campaign strategies drive virality to guarantee rapid growth


We help businesses to achieve their goals and improve their position in the industry in record time.

Boost Referrals

Once people love your product, you need to start to optimize viral growth mechanisms and boost your growth engine.

Ideas without boundaries

Service Design

UX/UI Design

Our design team works with stakeholders to ensure that your branding + web design is not only gorgeous—it’s tactically working.

Motion Graphics

Moving graphics, visual effects and cinematic techniques are great ways to elicit an emotional response from your audience.

Web & App Development

Our philosophy to designing and building websites is to follow a user-centred design methodology.

Logo Design & Branding

Our design implements creative foresight—we push boundaries, but don’t fall for passing trends with short-term outcomes.

Learn from us


Team Training

Education and capability building around digital marketing, including analytics and social media.

Business Analysis

We provide a detailed analysis to inform digital growth for your business.

Toolkits & Resources

We supply all our clients with cheat sheets, tutorials, webinars at the end of the project to ensure they can operate independently.

Group Workshops

Training modules to help an organization better perform, including Brand Personality.